Welcome to the third post in the “10 Ways to Support Immigrants and Refugees” series!

#8: Write

Another method of advocating for immigrant and refugee rights is communicating with your elected officials. Writing letters and emails to your local, state, and federal-level officials can be highly effective, especially if the effort is coordinated with many other people from your area. To find out who to write to, find your House Representative here, and your Senators here.

Elected officials are not the only option for outreach. Writing to newspapers or other media outlets can also be an effective advocacy tool. For example, try reaching out to your local newspaper, school news, or an editorial website.

If you are religious and are a part of a church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious community, you may want to try writing to or speaking with your religious leaders about the importance of advocating for immigrants and refugees and how it ties into your religion.

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Annaliese Fowler, Puente CI Data Analyst

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