Our word for 2022 is ANCHORED. Puente Cultural Integration spent all of 2020 living with INTENTION and all of 2021 DEVELOPing our team, new programs, new platforms, new partnerships. We will revisit this metaphoric ANCHOR frequently, understanding that we are anchored with room to move, to ride the waves, but that our foundation is strong. We are rooted and connected to our community around us, connected to partnerships, connected to our clients, and connected as a team.

Definition of ANCHOR:
A source of security or stability.

“At its core of most anchor symbolism, though, lies strength, faith, and hope. When a ship’s captain calls for the anchor to be dropped, it’s to stabilize and secure the craft, even in the stormiest of waters.”

Karma & Luck


Full Definition of Anchor per Merriam Webster

 (Entry 1 of 2)

a device usually of metal attached to a ship or boat by a cable and cast overboard to hold it in a particular place by means of a fluke that digs into the bottoma reliable or principal support : MAINSTAYsomething that serves to hold an object firmly

Preparing Your Anchor: “Be sure the anchor line is strong and long enough to anchor [your boat]. A good rule of thumb is that the length of the line should be at least seven to ten times the depth of the water where you are setting anchor.”

As I read the quote above, I reflected on the length of my line. I currently have a team of four talented, bilingual women in Detroit and we’ve just added our first male to the staff. In Puerto Morelos, I have my business partner and our contracted webmaster. So now Puente is a team of eight. In addition to our staff, we have just over 150 partners and clients. With this team, we will go far in 2022! Goals … 7×10

Hope you find your anchor in 2022!

Bridget B. Espinosa
CEO, Puente Cultural Integration

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