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Alianzas is a community of small business owners, emergent entrepreneurs, and organizations collaborating to connect and forge professional partnerships. Alianzas members will integrate into a robust referral network to ensure that you have equitable access to bilingual resources and opportunities to grow your business. We believe that collaboration, business-to-business relationships, and networking create a synergy for economic growth in our community.

Business Alianzas is powered by Bridget Espinosa and the Puente Cultural Integration Team.

Why Business Alianzas? Alianza means alliance or coalition in Spanish.
1. a union or association formed for mutual benefit
2. a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities


Business Alianzas will host a series of frequent networking events (virtual & hopefully in-person soon) to help business connect to resources. We are trusted connectors with established relationships with small business owners.


With our partners, we provide bilingual training, capacity building, coaching, and entrepreneurial workshops to specifically address challenges for our clients & members using outcome-based, innovative, inclusive program (re)design.


Business Alianzas provides leadership and program framework for the agencies and organizations that provide equitable access to opportunities to minority small businesses, especially women, & immigrants.

Forging Relationships
  • Quarterly Resource & Opportunity Events
  • Networking Events
  • Trilingual Outreach
  • Referrals to Partner Members
1:1 Coaching & TA

“We get up everyday determined to help as many people as possible!”

The Puente Team

Bridget helped me grow in a way that she’s pushing me to learn how to run a business. She’s always there to push me and make sure I’m on top of my game. She’s showing me how to run a business the right way and to make sure I’m on track with doing what needs to be done to make sure my company is doing everything the correct way.” – Dave Orozco

Beast Construction

The Founding Partners and Members of Business Alianzas have formed long-standing partnerships with nonprofit organizations, banking partners, government agencies and collaboratively advocate for equitable programs at every level.

About Us

Business Alianzas was founded by the Puente Team so that we could continue to connect, build, lead the small business community in collaboration with our partners.

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