Welcome to the seventh post in the “10 Ways to Support Immigrants and Refugees” series!

#4: Take Action in Numbers

An important right as Americans is the ability to assemble in protest. Exercise this right by organizing a protest of your own or joining a protest in your area. Find local protest events here on Indivisible.

If you are not yet ready to participate in a protest, another choice could be a documentary screening. Invite family and friends to watch a documentary with you, and provide a chance for conversation afterward. Informative options for documentaries and docuseries include Living Undocumented (2019), Targeting El Paso (2020), and Immigration Nation (2020).

Another option is to assemble a group or join a group that focuses on refugee outreach, such as the Refugee Outreach Collective (ROC). Groups like ROC give you an opportunity to be in contact with refugees in order to create cross-cultural and cross-continental bonds.

How do you stay updated on issues affecting immigrants and refugees in your community and across the globe? Let us know on our social media!

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Annaliese Fowler, Puente CI Data Analyst

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