I rarely make New Year’s resolutions, but the last few years I have chosen a word, phrase, or mantra for the year. Since my birthday is in late August, I tend to do my goal setting at the start my school year – influenced by spending 18 years as a student, 21 years as an educator + 14 years parenting my school-aged children. This past year has been like no other, but I lived my life with INTENTION and gratitude in 2020. These have been particularly important habits that I will continue going forward and this year intentional goal-setting practices are extremely important.

What do you want to #DEVELOP2021? (use our #hashtag to share on FB / Twitter / IG!)

My word for 2021 is DEVELOP. There are a lot of ways to apply and interpret the word DEVELOP and I plan to explore them in depth with the Puente Team as we begin the year. We will DEVELOP ourselves through goal-setting, DEVELOP programs, help others to DEVELOP best practices, and help our contractors and partners with construction DEVELOPment projects.

These are just a few ways we will DEVELOP in 2021!

The first order will be for each of us to set individual professional and personal DEVELOPment SMART goals that we will measure each month. Stating general improvements or habits is not enough. Each goal must be SMART to help us DEVELOP habits to improve: Specific, Measurable, Relevant/Realistic, Time-Sensitive. Something as simple as “I will exercise for 30 min three times a week.”, or “I will create and post two videos a month.”, “I will read for at least 30 pages a week of both fiction and non-fiction.”I will DEVELOP new entrepreneurship program models taking the lessons we learned from last year and determining which partners are best to execute them. DEVELOPing new partnerships throughout the State of Michigan may be another outcome in our business development.We will be looking at opportunities and resources to help our clients establish their own goals and to help them DEVELOP new business practices for during COVID-19 and the post-pandemic economy. One important piece is to DEVELOP relationships and referral systems to help our small businesses to work together – B2B connections are more important than ever. The members of the MI-HCA are very excited to continue to DEVELOP – building their capacity through the Bilingual Lead Abatement training program we’re providing through a partnership with the City of Detroit and the Erb Family Foundation and to add additional certifications such as the Residential Builders License. In addition, we’ve been working with the SDBA and O’Brien Construction to ensure that Southwest Detroit contractors / MI-HCA members are able to support the La Joya Gardens project, the first large DEVELOPment on W. Vernor Hwy in decades. We will continue to support them in every way we can!

What do you want to #DEVELOP2021? (use our #hashtag to share on FB / Twitter / IG!)
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